Sustainable Farming, Sustainable Landscapes Web Event 03

03: Agroforestry; making trees work for you

Trees can be agents of regeneration – providing co-benefits for people and nature.
They can be put-to-work to protect our most valuable assets while becoming valuable assets in their own right.
Agroforestry is about putting the right trees in the right places and actively managing them so that they serve to protect the things that you care about, complement rather than compete with your agricultural operation and nurture on-farm biodiversity.

Join us for our third Webinar, 03: Agroforestry; making trees work for you, with Ben Boxshall (Australian Agroforestry Foundation, Wood4Good) and Andrew Stewart (Yan Yan Gurt West Farm, Otways Agroforestry Network) on March 18th from 11am.

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This event is presented by Loddon Plains Landcare Network’s Sustainable Agriculture Program and NCCMA through the Victorian Landcare Program