NWF Lecture and Film Launch

Newest NWF Logo jpegBack by popular demand, The Norman Wettenhall Foundation Lecture Collaborating with landholders as the key to environmental success and Launch of the film “Rediscovering the Country – a film journey into landscape restoration”. Melbourne Museum, 20th June, 5pm. Tickets are $30 Book here on-line http://www.trybooking.com/EPKG

The lecturer – Ray Thomas, award-winning leader of the remarkable Regent Honeyeater project that has created wide habitat corridors for wildlife across 1,500 hectares of farmland, revitalising and reconnecting remnant fragments. This spring, the Foundation will join with this flagship community-driven project to celebrate 20 years of bringing back the bush among the Lurg hills near Benalla.

The film launch – Once was biodiverse abundance everywhere. This 30 minute film Rediscovering the Country goes on a journey from south-east Australia to Sri Lanka in search of answers as to how we can find our way back. Along the way, the film makers encounter partnerships like the Regent Honeyeater project, which aim to build resilience for the landholders as well as the landscape. Produced by Australian Forest Growers and She Oaks Films, and sponsored by NWF, Melliodora Fund, Rose Gilder, the Mullum Trust, and the Moorabool Landcare Group.

Download flyer here.