News from Salisbury West Landcare Group

At the Annual Meeting of the Salisbury West Landcare Group held recently the following people were elected:-

President Helen Canfield

Vice President Aaron Lock

Secretary John Vanston

Treasurer Ruth Penny

Project Co-ordinator Jean McClymont

Publicity Officer Ian Penny

The Guest Speaker was Laurie Maxted who spoke on the recent projects of the Loddon Vale Landcare Group and the changes to water distribution in Victoria.

Our Project Co-ordinator Jean McClymont noted the following items in her report:-

Grants in progress;

Where Ground Work Widens Regeneration – Second Generation Landcare Grant – $10,000

1 km fence over 3 sites to create 3 Ha of greater diversity of habitat with a greater core area away from edge creating Linkages 30m wide and Planting 1800 tube stock trees within the overall area will expand and maximize the quality of the existing habitat, and erect the permanent signage. Landholders have the skills and equipment to erect the fences as their 50% contribution.

Sustainable Pasture Trials – Woolworths Sustainable Farm Grant – $21,500

We aim to improve soil fertility by sowing perennial pastures on weed infested areas as a measure of drought recovery. Eight farmers took part in this trial rejuvenating 160 ha of pasture

The field day in the spring of 2010 to investigate soil biota and assess trial plots for the biomass density for grazing or hay production.

A permanent sign is in place on 4 of the trial project sites.

We can proudly display our banner at any suitable function. Banner designed was done by Shannon Brown on a voluntary basis.

Box Gum Grassy Woodlands Project – $6,370

Site 1 – This area of 2.5 hectares will be fenced off, sprayed to control weeds, some 400 tube stock will be planted in a prepared area. The rest of the site will be direct seeded. These actions will allow the natural regeneration of gums, herbs and other under story plants to occur with the return of favorable seasons. The changes will create a rich and diverse ecosystem that will encourage the return of insects, bird life and small creatures who will enjoy the improved food supply these areas of remnant vegetation are important stepping stones for native fauna as they travel to the LoddonRiver.

Site 2 – 300 metres of fence will exclude livestock up to 30 metres from the drip line of existing yellow box trees which will provide an extra 5 hectares of enhanced linkage of native vegetation to a previous corridor already established on this block which has frontage to the Loddon River. The biodiversity conservation of this box grassy woodland and the maintenance of this healthy functioning natural ecosystem is the corner stone of our sustainable development.

Farming for Sustainable Soils – Salisbury West & Mt Korong Landcare Groups–

NCCMA participant in Caring for Country Grant = $85,000

Individual grants for windbreaks to arrest soil erosion, stubble retention and soil conditioning to promote the capture of soil carbon were made to 8 participants. An Indigenous work crew is available to help complete these NRM works.

Group Activities: $43,906 is rolling out and must be completed by September 2011.

1. Soil Testing and Learning

2. Pasture restoration and management with field trip

3. Sustainable Management for Improved Cropping Management

4. Pasture Management

Farming for Sustainable Soils – FRRR – Gardiner Foundation Dairy Industry Grant – $1267

This enables the purchase a Laptop, printer and software to support the ease of financial sustainability of our group to submit the annual BAS and acquittal of all projects now and into the future.