Call of the Reed Warbler, by Charles Massy

What a book.

Massy includes here some serious firepower in the regenerative agriculture sphere with sections devoted to Walter Jehne, Richard and Jenny Weatherly, Colin Seis, Tim Wright, Ian and Dianne Haggerty and Rudolph Steiner (and that’s only a few!) with clear inspiration right through the book of Aldo Leopold and Allan Savory.

This tome, though dense, long and brain-breaking, puts into context the correlations between significant biodiversity assets and productive farming.

Call of the Reed Warbler shifts the dynamic in understanding landscape function and champions on-farm biodiversity and low impact farming.
My copy is worn, tattered, underlined and scrawled over and just about falling apart from being flicked and thumbed.

It will take a bit of time to get through, but a great read to understand and taste different perspectives and methods of regenerative farming practices.

Favorite sections include “Farming Without Farming”, “Keep a Green Bough in Your Heart” and a wonderful account of discovering the importance of a thorny Hymenthera dentata in a functioning landscape and ecosystem.

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