LPLN REGENERATIVE READS 3 – Wednesday 8th April

In the Blink of an Eye and Seven Deadly Colours, by Dr. Andrew Parker

These two books are 100% brain-breaking, and impossible to put down once you get going!

I was introduced to Dr. Andrew Parker by a work colleague whilst still working in lighting design. The theories in these books, particularly In the Blink of an Eye went on to inform my design practices and the way I designed with light but also clearly got my attention on a biology and evolution level and I credit it as one of the major influences in bringing me to the environment industry.

In the Blink of an Eye lays out an argument that an evolutionary explosion occurred during the Cambrian period due to the quick evolution of the eye, from primitive light sensors to an acute weapon in the arsenal of different species. This theory leads on to suggest fast-paced species adaptation in armour, speed, agility and other senses and behaviors to combat predatory species and the early forms of the camera eyes of today.

Seven Deadly Colours provides an extension of the theory into colour evolution and the vital role it plays in the natural world including how it misleads, adapts and reacts to specific environments.

There is so much material in these books that I simply can’t pick out favourite sections, even now. Though I will make mention of the completely engrossing sections on trilobites, early evolution in the oceans, sedimentary rock formations, and the fascinating use of colour in Cuttlefish and its vital role in evading predators and other threats.

Even now, I get something different out of these books to the point of when going back to reference material I end up reading vast sections again!

Two great reads if you are up for a couple of brain-breakers.

For the next little while LPLN Facilitator, Danny, will be featuring resources aimed to inspire.
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