LPLN REGENERATIVE READS 5, Wednesday 15th April

Bringing Back the Bush, by Joan Bradley

“Bringing back the bush is a gentle art, demanding a strong will and patience”

Joan Bradley

A quote from the introduction of this book that I often keep in mind.
This is a classic resource for revegetation projects and has provided the basis for many resources and publications.

Joan and Eileen Bradley with their ‘Bradley Method’ have provided 3 key principles in bush regeneration still followed today;

  1. Identify and work the best areas first
  2. Keep disturbance to a minimum, and
  3. Let regeneration of natives dictate the rate of weed removal

With a great account of their humble beginnings and their journey into respecting the natural order of natives and the role they could play in the management of weed-infested areas.

This guide is really all about weed management and removal, Joan Bradley provides detailed information about the sisters’ methods, providing sound advice on the removal of different weed and plant types and also examples and case studies of different landscapes. This is a great one to revisit.

For the next little while LPLN Facilitator, Danny, will be featuring resources aimed to inspire.
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