LPLN Facilitator Report, September

02 October 2019

Table of Events

Sun, 1 SepMKEW group mapping workshop

MKEW group meeting
Mon, 2 SepRAMSAR Site Coordination Committee Meeting # 5

Landholder  property planning assessment

Wetland inspection – new project (Kamarooka extension)
Tue, 3 SepFacilitators meeting – NCCMA

Wedderburn Conservation Management Network meeting
Wed, 4 SepAugust Facilitators report

Salisbury West Landcare AGM
Thu, 5 SepFederal Environment Grant EOI writing (4)

LPLN CoM meeting
Fri, 6 SepKamarooka wetlands site tour (Andy Hay)
Mon, 9 SepAccounts reconciliation

Phone meeting, Australian Environmental Grants Network
Tue, 10 SepGraeme Sait Soils Workshop
Wed, 11 SepPrepare for Fairley Bael Bael Sandhill Lake Presentation

Fairley Bael Bael project brief with FBBSL Landcare group
Thu, 12 SepRegional Land Inventory Forum – Minerals Development Victoria Northern Ground Release consultation
Mon, 16 SepLandholder Property planting plan and report

NCCMA, Canary Island project
Tue, 17 SepInvasive species working group presentation, Wheel Cactus
Wed, 18 SepProjects, Lake Bael Bael

LPLN Sustainable Ag Program meeting prep (NCCMA)
Thu, 19 SepLPLN Sustainable Ag Program meeting (NCCMA)

Elmore Field Days prep
Fri, 20 SepLPLN Mid month meeting
Sun, 22 SepRegenerative Agriculture Field Day, Sunbury
Tue, 24 SepOCOC Leadership Development Grant ceremony
Wed, 25 SepBendigo TAFE partnership meeting, Sustainable Agriculture Program 2020

Healthy Soil for Sustainable Farming, Elmore compost trials
Mon, 30 SepElmore Field days set up

Activity Report


Long Swamp

Spraying is now being completed and should be finished by the 11th October. This will mark the end of the project. A brief is being written up for Trust for Nature and the project will also be documented for LPLN in the coming months.

Lake Bael Bael Project

DP is meeting with the Barapa Barapa Wamba Wamba Water for Country Steering Committee on the 7th October to present this project to Traditional Owners and start the conversation regarding the community projects phase and identify possibilities to pursue. Tours of the Lake Bael Bael area by Traditional Owners will also be discussed.

Another meeting was held with the Fairley Bael Bael Sandhill Lake Landcare group was also held recently to talk through the rabbit control portion of the project. Discussions are currently looking at possibilities around baiting and fencing around the lake.

A RAMSAR site meeting was held by NCCMA  in Kerang focussing on Lake Bael Bael and the works happening around that site by all agencies and groups. This was a  good chance to outline the LPLN project and start to integrate into NCCMA, PV and DELWP planning for greater collaboration in planning and delivery.

Sustainable Agriculture program

The LPLN draft strategy has been delivered by Mal Brown. Copies will be supplied to the CoM for comment.

A meeting has also been held with NCCMA about possibilities for funding and other support, this is ongoing but strong interest has been shown from both parties.

NCCMA, Canary Island project

A meeting has been held with NCCMA regarding working together inside the Canary Island area. There appears to be some good opportunities to work closely with land holders and the community to deliver works that complement the NCCMA inland fish and remnant habitat protection works around this area.

LPLN will look to focus on areas that buffer creek and streamside areas that have good habitat values and preserve or improve areas of high value. 


Phone meeting, Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network

DP has been asked to present the work of the LPLN in biodiversity and Sustainable Agriculture to the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network on the 28th of October. This will be hosted in Inglewood and provide an opportunity to develop other funding and support opportunities for the Network.

Vehicle quotes – Car maintenance

DP has been making a number of enquiries regarding significant maintenance required on the LPLN vehicle. Due to the nature and extent of the works it was decided that Bendigo would be the best option. After securing 3 prices, it has been booked for works on October 8th to have this maintenance carried out.. 


Lockington property planting plan and report

DP has continued to work with this landholder on a planting layout with a selection of indigenous plants appropriate to the area and purpose. It is hoped that this will culminate in a planting day with the local school and Bendigo Tafe depending on timing and preparation.

Regional Land Inventory Forum – Minerals Development Victoria, Northern Ground Release consultation

A consultation was held for this ground release in Bendigo. This was largely an exercise in explaining the process of this ground release and capturing the different concerns from a consortium of stakeholders. LPLN will continue to monitor this process and undertake further discussion where required.

Federal Environment Grant EOI’s

3 expressions of interest were submitted to Anne Webster MP as part of the federal government’s environmental community grants program. These applications included a proposal for a Sustainable Agriculture field day, monitoring cameras to undertake monitoring at the Kamarooka wetlands and an application with Salisbury West Landcare group for 2 soil moisture probes.

LPLN were notified that the application for monitoring cameras has moved on to the next stage and have been asked to submit a full application for the project.

Invasive species working group presentation, Wheel Cactus

DP was invited to present at a Weeds and Rabbits Community of Practice gathering. The presentation focussed on wheel cactus in the area and the need to support landholders and volunteers in the management of this species in a meaningful way.

 The audience was largely agencies and Landcare and Friends of groups representatives.  The presentation gained further traction for the area in attempting to get further efforts in the region to manage and control the species with more resources.

OCOC Leadership Development in Innovation Grant, Ceremony with Water Minister Lisa Neville

DP attended a ceremony event in Melbourne to formally accept this grant. There was a short time with the Minister before also talking through the project with a number of DELWP departments in a social setting.

Bendigo TAFE partnership meeting, Sustainable Agriculture Program 2020

DP had a very productive meeting with Bendigo TAFE this month regarding integrating Cert 3 studies into LPLN activities and putting together support the implementation of LPLN’s Sustainable Agriculture Strategy through the use of students for on ground works and in work placement opportunities. 

This would form part of an agreed formal partnership to use students out in the field to develop practical skills.

Elmore Field days

DP has been attending the Elmore Field Days in the first week of October, hosted in the NCCMA stand. Further updates will be given in the October report.

September Group meetings

  • Mount Korong Eco Watch
  • Wedderburn Conservation Management Network
  • Salisbury West AGM
  • Fairley Bael Bael Sandhill Lake Landcare group