Loddon Plains Landcare Network (LPLN)

It seems that landcare continues to experience cuts to funding from Government. The Federal Government recently announced cuts to the Federal Government Caring for Our Country program. One of the reasons for the formation of the LPLN is to explore and seek funding for landcare in the Loddon region from funding sources other than government. Currently the LPLN is made up of an Executive of 4 volunteers – Mal Brown (Chair), Penny Wall (Deputy Chair), Jean McClymont (Treasurer) and Michael Moore (Secretary), and 13 landcare groups who have joined the network. We plan to form a Committee of Management in the near future. We are hopeful of securing funding from the Norman Wettenhall Foundation (a non-government funding body) soon and have submitted a submission to Federal Government for a Landcare Facilitator in the Loddon area. We will continue to work towards bringing resources to our area to continue landcare work.

Article by Penny Wall, Landcare Coordinator and Deputy Chair LPLN