Aerial flight – Farming for Sustainable Soils

The Salisbury West and Mt Korong Landcare Farming for Sustainable Soils group undertook aerial monitoring of their area on the 19th of October.  There were 3 flights, enabling 30 people from the group to view the Landcare efforts across the landscape. The flight departed from Bendigo and included a sweep down to Laanecoorie, then followed the Loddon River north past Bridgewater up to the Serpentine Creek and a circle out around the Fernihurst Weir. The flight concluded with a sweep past Mt Korong.

The monitoring flight looked at the initiatives of the group including the works on planting trees, putting in corridors across the agricultural landscape and widening the riparian area of the Loddon River. Also under observation was the effect of increasing ground cover between crops. The vantage point from above enabled a clear view of any exposed soils in paddocks. The importance of roadside conservation reserves and riparian vegetation corridors in the Loddon Plains landscape was also very pronounced from above.

The ideal flying conditions made for an insightful and enjoyable flight.

Photos: Plane at Bendigo airport (top), Loddon River and Serpentine Creek (bottom).