Guest Speaker Program – Land for Wildlife

At our January meeting we were given a talk by Terri Williams of the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE). Terri is, among other things, associated with the Land for Wildlife program which is organised through DSE in cooperation with the Bird Observers Club of Australia. We were informed that this valuable program which began in 1981 can now claim that there are some 9,000 properties in Victoria taking advantage of the completely free and voluntary scheme. The scheme encourages private landholders to provide habitats for wildlife on their properties. One of the valuable aspects of this resides in the fact that there is a large percentage of native flora and fauna located on private land outwith the reserve system and therefore dependent upon private landholders for their survival.

We were informed that if people are interested then upon application the property in question is visited by an expert such as Terri who inspects the property and gives advice as to how it can be, if necessary, brought up to the required standard for registration as a member property. Registration as a member does not in any way alter the legal status of the property. Advice is also available on how the wildlife habitat can be managed and integrated with other uses of the property. Apart from playing a vital role in the survival of species as mentioned above the habitat can play a major role in sustainable agriculture and provide landscape connectivity. Other advantages to the scheme include; newsletters, other publications, field days and contact with like minded individuals. Membership is open to all sorts of properties from small to large. Terri can be contacted through DSE Bendigo.

Note – you get a sign like the one above to hang on the gate.

Article – Michael Moore