Farming for Sustainable Soils

A project funded by the Federal Government, being run by NCCMA is addressing soil health locally. The project is centred around the Loddon Cropping Group at Serpentine, with 15 farmers receiving grants totally $140,000 this growing season to do a variety of works on their farms from sowing new pasture species, to adapting farm machinery, soil testing, and gaining technical assistance from Birchip Cropping Group through the Yield Prophet program. A soils forum was held in Bendigo on 31 March where speakers including Dr Christine Jones and Andrew Campbell talked about soil health and that popular topic carbon. The project focuses on assisting farmers to implement practices to improve organic carbon levels in their soils. It is hoped that the project may be expanded over 3 to 5 years, if funding is secured.

Article by Penny Wall, Landcare Coordinator and Deputy Chair LPLN