On ground services

Loddon Plains Landcare Network have considerable experience in all on-ground works functions and has established capability to deliver these works to the region through an on-ground work crew.

The organisation can provide specialised knowledge and on ground delivery in revegetation, farm planning, weed and vertebrate pest control, sustainable and regenerative agriculture and drone and aerial programs utilising over a decade of experience in delivering projects in the Loddon region. 

To enquire about LPLN services, please contact Danny Pettingill, Manager Operations & Projects on 0490 412 430

Environmental and Farm assessment and planning

LPLN can provide specialist planning and assessment services for private and public land, including:
  • Property planning for revegetation, planting and property restoration
  • Weed management plans
  • Flora and fauna surveys
  • Soil assessments and testing
  • Farm planning for rotational grazing, vegetation management, transition to sustainable and regenerative practices
  • Perenial fodder systems 

Revegetation works

Revegetation is what Landcare does best, LPLN can provide specialised knowledge and delivery services of revegetation projects that align with project and landscape priorities utilising our developed species selection framework
  • Select and design using appropriate indigenous species
  • Site preparation
  • Direct seeding, planting and fencing
  • Appropriate design and delivery according to landscape sensitive to riparian, erosion, remnant and farm area requirements.  
  • Corridors and plantation projects
  • Carbon projects
  • Revegetation site maintenance and watering

Pest Plant and Animal Control and general on ground maintenance works



LPLN are Wheel cactus specialists and also have extensive experience in rabbit and fox control programs. We bring this experience into all pest plant and animal projects, delivering the following services:

  • Wheel cactus control and management
  • Pest plant and animal management plans and assessments
  • General weed control including spraying, injection, hand weeding and novel control methods where required for sensitive landscape management
  • Rabbit and fox control programs on farm and landscape scale

Drone services and mapping

LPLN has the capability to provide extensive, fully licensed and insured specialised drone services to projects. Drones are rapidly playing a crucial part in landscape managements projects, providing a powerful tool in mapping, monitoring, documentation, vegetation management, pest plant control and planning applications.

LPLN can work with you to provide a robust drone program appropriate to project needs and outcomes, with services including:

  • Property and landscape mapping
  • Vegetation assessment
  • Agricultural assessment services (crop health, volumetric data, plantation tree assessment etc.)
  • GIS data collection
  • Project documentation
  • Monitoring for pest plant and animal impacts, erosion, vegetation cover
  • Project documentation
  • Landscape assessment
  • Farm and property planning
  • Fire and burning management and monitoring
  • Effectiveness monitoring (landscape management)

Regenerative Agriculture and Carbon Projects

LPLN can provide advice, planning and project consultation in regenerative agriculture and carbon based management plans including:

  • Soil management, testing, interpretation and assessment
  • Vegetation management including rotational grazing planning, cover cropping and vegetation management
  • Farm planning
  • Farm and property assessments specific to farming enterprise
  •  Integrated farm design support including managing for biodiversity, improving water cycles, managing vegetation cover and minimising off farm feed requirements, developing appropriate stocking plans, cover cropping programs etc.
  • Planting design for maximum farm benefit
  • Developing silvopasture systems with native and exotic species

Carbon Projects

LPLN can provide specialised assistance in understanding, planning and delivering carbon based projects in soil and woody carbon including:

  • Delivering workshops
  • Providing initial assessments to identify where and how carbon might fit into a farming enterprise
  • Assisting in the development and delivery of a carbon program
  • Providing support to develop community and landscape-based carbon projects, aggregating landholders to maximise benefits in carbon, biodiversity and impact on landscape and market levels